Company Profile
e-Perfect IT Limited is principally engaged in the provision of three types of corporate solutions, namely, Setup and Maintain Corporate Information Technology Unit (ITU), Corporate Web Office Suite and Medical Related Solutions.

Customers and Suppliers

Most of the customers are Hong Kong listed companies. e-Perfect engage in different industries, including medical, dental and health check business, laboratory services, manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, manufacturing and trading of different products in HK and PRC.

Strategies and Targets

The fundamental strategy centers on investing in research and development to create solutions and services for the healthcare industry. This strategy has driven a large step in obtaining footprint in healthcare. Technical leader in e-Perfect has long lasting experience in handling healthcare projects such as Medical Administration System for various clinics from 1994, implementing Integrated Health Information and Management System for Hong Kong Health Check in 2006. Hence, e-Perfect successfully negotiates contracts with large clinic chain in current period.

In viewing the extensive use of IT platform in all industries, we also focuses on delivering innovative, effective, easy-to-use solutions in order that users can improve the quality of business environment, eliminate manual errors and reduce cost.

In long run, we target to be the one of the leaders of e-Medical Solutions and Corporate Performance Management Solution Provider in Hong Kong.
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