Event Management (EMS)
Event Management System (EMS) is designed to facilitate the numerous tasks required for managing the enrollment data and attendant list for a corporate event.

Business Needs

The annual dinner is a signature event of our client, around 800 of staffs and guests will be invited. However, the enrollment list requires much effort to revise and update before the event. The table list, seating plan and luck draw coupons are time-consuming to be synchronized. As the attendance condition keeps changing, the lists can only be prepared at the last minutes before the event held. And on event day, attendants will arrive in bulk shortly before the event starts, as a result, a fast searching of table seating and attendance registration functions are required in order to provide a smooth and pleasure experience for the staffs and guests.

Our Solutions

The EMS allows user to set up table to allow flexibility on number of table and assigning table name. Function for uploading invitees’ information with Excel is provided to avoid time spending on initial data setup. Attendants seating arrangement and attendance update can be done individually or in bulk. Warning for table full will be provided to avoid table overload. Dynamic search function is provided for locating an attendant or group of attendants. Lucky draw coupons can be printed with the latest attendance data.

On the event date, event reception can take the attendance of the attendant quickly with the dynamic search function and this will shorten the waiting time for attendants’ registration in reception counters. New invitee can be added at the reception counter as well. Updated attendance data will be synchronized in all reception machines to ensure the latest information can be retrieved.

Other than that, EMS provides other features like:
  • Enrollment list for final attendance confirmation/ checkup manually can be generated.
  • Table list (seating plan) print out for attendance’s reference at the menu.
  • Statistical data can be viewed easily.
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