Cash Flow Management System (CFMS)
The Cash Flow Management System provides a single platform for the financial managers to keep track of the cash movements across the organization and to optimize the use of the available funds.

Business Needs

Our client, a public listed company with several subsidiaries and each subsidiary has their own investment team. In the past, each subsidiary has its own way to manage their own cash flow data, buffer forecast and investment transactions. Data are not centralized and not well organized. It’s difficult for the management to have an overview on the cash flow/ buffer forecast and the in-house banking conditions of all the subsidiaries. As a result, a system is required to standardize the procedures of all subsidiaries.

Our Solutions

CFMS allows user to set up individual business unit with its own cash flow balance and buffer forecast. Moreover, bank accounts with different type and of different bank can be created under individual business unit and this allows them to have a clear picture on the transaction details. Security transactions detail, including buying, selling and dividend distribution, can also be recorded in the system. Money can be arranged in the optimal way. More than 10 Management reports for monitoring the cash flow and cash level are provided as well as performance of all investment are provided. Management can acquired information from different Business unit on the centralized platform.

Other than that, CFMS provides other features like:
  • Support account with different currency. Exchange rate can be defined with user friendly interface.
  • Allow various types of security transactions including Stock, Fund and Equinity link. Security details can be defined.
  • Access right can be defined by user, by bank or by business unit and this provides a high flexibility on controlling the data access rights of individual user.
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