e-Perfect Programmer Training and Service Award Scheme (2023-2024)
The Scheme is aim to provide chances to undergraduate talents to get more exposure to the Software development business. Training programme will be provided to suitable undergraduate students major in computer-related courses. Under the programme, students learn various skills on systems development life cycle include planning, system analysis, system design, development, implementation, integration and testing, and operations and maintenance. At the end of the training programme, students will have an opportunity to put all their newly gained knowledge into practice and complete a designated task to win cash prizes.

Eligibility: Year 1 – 4 undergraduates studying at local universities (computer-related courses).

Enrollment Period:
Scheme A: 7 Aug 2023 to 31 Aug 2023

Application Method:
Interested party please sends your resume to hr@e-perfectit.com with subject: Application for e-Perfect Programmer Training and Service Award Scheme (2023-2024)

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