Centralized Clinic Management System (MedicSys)
MedicSys was introduced into the Hong Kong market in the year 1994. It is the pioneer of its kind and has been taking a leading role since then. There are currently more than 100 medical establishments in Hong Kong which have subscribed to MedicSys.

Many clinical administration software users have been complaining about lack of after-sales and technical supports. MedicSys does not believe selling its client a unit of the software is the best solution. Therefore, MedicSys is delivered to its clients on a subscription basis which is surprisingly low compared to the amount you pay for purchasing any clinical information management software package in the market. e-Perfect IT will then back you up in all technical matters related to MedicSys.


Front line staff
Registration, scheduling, prescription dispensing and receipt printing can be done in a more effective and more reliable way.

Doctor consultation
Retrieve patient consultation history, allergy information and dispensary history easily as the referencing material for current diagnosis and prescription.

Reports for income and drug consumption are provided

Core Features

Patient Management
  • Easy steps for Patient Registration and data retrieval
  • Print mailing label for patient with filtering criteria
  • Print Examination label for patient Booking Management

Booking Management
  • Supports multiple Doctors on duty
  • Support different time slots scheduling for different doctors
  • Real time patient queue status

Consultation Management
  • Doctor can input patient record with current diagnosis.
  • Viewing patient’s information (general Information, Allergy information, Medical history and previous consultation record), input current consultation details (physical findings, diagnosis, treatment and diagnosis), prepare related printouts (drug label/ sick leave cert/ medical cert.) in one collaborated screen.
  • Print Consultation summary
  • Print Referral letter
  • Support medical images, x-ray’s, referral document storage
  • Easy retrieval for prescription as and dispensary History
  • Easy retrieval for patient’s medical history

Drug Management
  • Setting up drug database
  • Drug Precaution/ Unit/ Form/ Dosage Frequency Setting
  • Dangerous drug handling

Dispensary Management
  • Supports medicine label printout in English & Chinese
  • Supports medicine label printout syrup mixture
  • View Pharmacy History (support multiple clinic)

Accounting and Analysis
  • Print receipt
  • Daily transaction report
  • HMO on account Report
  • Issue Medic Cert., Receipt and Attend. Note
  • Drug Consumption report

System Management
  • User level security
  • Database backup
  • Easy configuration
  • Data Archive/ Restore
  • Easy to set up new user account and access right

Other features
  • Simple and direct user interface
  • Suitable for clinic of all size or even multiple locations.
  • Income report support multiple medical cards, doctors and clinics
  • Patient record sharing among different locations
  • Complete track record on the payment and invoice.
  • Patient chart with progress notes, test tracking, prescription, reminders & supplementary information (illness, Surgeries, medications & allergies)

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements
  • Intel Platform PC
  • Pentium III 500 MHz CPU or above
  • 512 MB Ram
  • 1024 x 768 Display

System Management
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/Window 7
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005, Microsoft Desktop Engine 2000/Microsoft SQL Client
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