HRonAir is our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud-based HR solution. It facilities the daily HR tasks of your company and make it available on a 24/7 basis wherever with internet connection. HRonAir was designed and developed as a standard module with flexibility to configure to suit different requirements in various kinds of businesses. Even corporate clients could manage all staff information from all of its subsidiaries in a common and electronic platform so that the information can be gathered and analyzed handily. In addition, payroll and attendance tracking can be automated as standard process. It standardizes the human resources processes and procedures among the subsidiaries of the Client, to automate the human resources management process and to provide human resources information in the common platform. Time spent on routine HR tasks for the HR staffs has been reduced and resources can be saved for other critical tasks. Data can be consolidated and analyzed for the Client's corporate performance management for achieving corporate goals and strategies planning.

Core Module of HRonAir

  • ePersonnel Management
  • eLeave Management
  • ePayroll Management
  • eAttendance Management


HR staff
Storage of Staff Records, Leave calculation, Payroll calculation, MPF calculation and tax application can be done in a more effective and more reliable way.

Department head/ supervisor
Staff’s attendance balance, leave balance can be kept track more easily. Accounts Department: Less time has to be spent on payroll Approval.

Various analytical Reports on performance management for achieving corporate goals and strategies planning.

Core Features


Staff Data Management
  • Input all staff data on one interface to minimize time spend on data input process.
  • Easy retrieval of staff record, crucial information is attached to the staff record for easy referencing.
  • Support multiple active contracts on a single staff
  • Support multiple subsidiaries on a business group
  • Support multiple active contracts on a single staff
  • Support Staff holding HKID, passport or working permit

Employment Contract
  • Support unlimited employment history for single staff, and auto compare different between histories
  • Support defined salary and allowance
  • Support multiple cost centers for single staff


  • Allow users to assign leave to staff by pre-defined leave classes
  • Support AL increment by year
  • Auto calculation AL, SL balance, or forecast AL,SL balance
  • Warning on not enough balance when applying a leave
  • Able to handle no leave application on predefined public holiday
  • e-mail alert on staff leave taking.
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  • Allow user to assign working time to staff by pre-defined Working Time Slot
  • Support 5 days, 5.5 days, 6 days or roster working pattern
  • Allow user to swap long/ short week and swap shift for staffs.
  • Support ad hoc change on attendance such as typhoon, black rainstorm, early leave, etc.
  • Integrated with Access Card System. Auto compare the difference between staff working time with staff’s in-time & out-time to provide data for generating necessary alerts (e.g. late for work) and report


  • Generation of Payroll records for all staffs in one single click
  • Payroll Item and amount can be edited to allow flexibility
  • Approval process for payroll and email will be sent to relevant parties
  • Function to calculate and generate auto pay file for bank and MPF file for MPF service provider
  • Support Minimum Wages handling. Indentify staff with ‘potential risk’ i.e. salary < HKD37.5 / per hour and allow user to input working hour for each staff.
  • Support bonus distribution with different amount to different staff by uploading a CSV file.

Tax Management
  • Support generation and printing of 56B, 56F and 56M reports, while 56B and 56M can be submitted to the Inland Revenue Department by electronic means

HRonAir in General

Form and Report
  • Integrated with MS Word or Excel for form or report presentation
  • Printing of useful forms like Probation Review Form, Employment Adjustment Form (for position change or salary change), Termination Form
  • Printing of analytical Report like Cost Center Report, Man Power Report, Employment Details Report, Leave Report, Attendance Report, Payroll Report, Customized Report generated with user own choice.
Access right Management
  • Function access right according to the Login user
  • Data access right by Login user and data group

Other features
  • User friendly interface for all necessary data setup (e.g. Leave class, working time).
  • Support internal group transfer, treated as contract terminated but existing service history and experience are counted.
  • Support Trilingual (English/ Trad Chinese/ Simp Chinese) interface and data input.
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