Integrated Health Information & Management System (IHIMS)
The Integrated Health Information & Management System (IHIMS) is a health check centre solutions which provides functions in 4 areas including Data management, Operation, Examination Report and Accounting to meet the needs of their daily operations.

Business Needs

Our client owned more than 20 health check centre in Hong Kong. The Health check centres provide thousands of health check items and with about hundreds of visitors every day in some centres. Data input/ update of the pricing information, item/package details as well as the client information and referrer information involve lots of manpower and duplicated effort are spent among different centres. Effort spend on data management is huge. Moreover, front line staffs are responsible for Service reservation, facilities booking before client arrived and registration, print specimen label and generate receipt after the services are completed. Lots of manual processes are involved but things should be done quickly in order not to keep the client wait. After the examination result is ready, Radiologists have to prepare the consultation report to the client. A system that fits their daily working workflow are required to provide effective service to their client.

Our Solutions

Data of client, referrer, contract details and item/ package details can be set up and updated with user friendly interface. IHIMS allows its user to set up dynamic pricing scheme and discount rate of item/ package for different referrers within a pre-defined time period. The information can be share among different locations in order avoid duplicated effort on data input. The front line staffs are responsible for making reservation for client, facilities booking, client arrival registration and payment collection. IHIMS provides functions to assist them to complete the tasks in an efficient way. Radiologists can prepare and endorse the examination report easily as patient data and pre-defined report template are ready in IHIMS. Reports can be printed out directly after the reports are endorsed. As all required data has been input in IHIMS, the final step is to handle the accounting information. IHIMS allows the users to generate voucher, create debit note and issue invoice to bill its referrer. Accounting reports are also provided for analyzing purpose.

Other than that, IHIMS provides other features like:
  • Supports multiple working locations and multiple companies.
  • Radiology report function supports image sharing with system in Hong Kong Hospital Authority.
  • Supports different type of volume discount offer.
  • Label printing like sample label, mailing Label printing for clients, referrer can be printed easily.
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